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Easily create customized listings to sell available material or product. Market full and less-than- truckload quantities of: mixed non-ferrous metals, PC Towers, Sheet Aluminum, LLDPE Plastic, Tungsten Carbide, and more. Add desired pricing, photos, and other relevant information to enhance the quality of your listing.

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Advertise Pricing

Buying scrap? Effectively advertise pricing for items of interest. Our specialized platform provides you with the unique ability to list and manage your own price offers. Simply login to The Scrap Post from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to conveniently adjust your listings and accommodate for changing markets.

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News and Prices

Get updates and alerts. Start off the day with your own personal copy of the latest buy and sell offers listed on The Scrap Post. The Scrap Post's Daily Listings are sent by email; Monday- Friday at 9:00 AM EST. Adjust your account settings and allow other individuals within your organization to receive a copy of The Scrap Post’s Daily Listings. Members also have access to current exchange prices and industry news from a variety of sources.

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Search for Product and Pricing

Quickly find what you're looking for. Simple and easy to use search tools enable you to efficiently locate all listings relevant to your interests. Use these features to research current and historic pricing information or product sales.

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Connect With Members

Looking for new business opportunities? Instantly connect with members and meet prospective suppliers, consumers, exporters, and brokers for your scrap. The Scrap Post community is made up of industry members from all over North America, Europe, and Asia; who specialize in the buying and selling of ferrous, non-ferrous, electronic, rubber, fiber, and plastic scrap.

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